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FIRST ENTRY. welcome to my new P.H.O.T.O. journal!

hey guys. welcome to my photo journal. this will be my first entry! i'll post mostly just photos in here.. (:

today. yes i tied my hair up just for asiancuties theme ^^'.

this is the star bead necklace my penpal, kimmy made me <333333!
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cuuute! :) i was just wondering, how do you make some colors show up and have the rest of the picture be black and white?
do you have paintshop pro/adobe photoshop? in paint shop pro, you take the freehand, cut around what you want black & white and click "grey scale" then the other part will just remain color. not too sure how to do it on photoshop..
CUTE! <3 the hair =)
mUAHAHA thnx (:
wow ver you look simply pretty + adorable! and that's not an exaggeration

its such a cute necklace :)

oh and by the way.. just wondering why your photo journal is a community..?
so i don't have to re-log in different accounts. i can just post from totorobaby :)